Friday, September 19, 2008

ahoy, mateys

fill in the blanks. 

this was intended originally to connect the last page of the soccerball scenario with the beginning of the face rip, and that seems to be a natural point of connectivity, but i lost the plot somewhere. forgive me.


Buster said...

It could still operate within the context of the last soccer page... The face rip may be a stretch.

Regardless of connectivity, still looks purdy.

andrew.hake said...

yarr! I agree with Busta Bust.

sometimes when a small soccer playing child's liquid (handsy) body engulfs you, you begin dreaming about skeleton pirates.

I will do my best to provide the second page of Dlinc's naked body pile thread before the weekend is over.

jonathan.lane said...

i think this could still lead into the face rip, but it'll need another page at least.

the idea was that this pirate business is going on inside of his body, but is clearly represented as happening in a place that is certainly not the insides of a body.

but if nothing else, it serves as a non-sequitur intermission.