Thursday, September 11, 2008

it must die.

seriously. i've regretted the gimp since the beginning. please help me destroy it.


DLinc said...

very nice man....Now I want to paint :)

I wanted to kill the gimp as well, thanks for ending it...

Gonna try and make things a little more clear from now on..sorry for the ambiguity.

*did you use painter or photo Schnapps?

jonathan.lane said...

fauxtoshop. i guess you could say it's part of a longterm color experiment without first scanning a drawing in or painting on top of grayscale. gotta break the chromophobia sometime.

and i wouldn't consider it over unless no one wants to touch it from henceforth.

Buster said...

I'm going to bring the gimp back.

It kind of HAS to happen.

...In fact we were trying to think of possible ways to tie the whole thing together right? Gimp city, mein kampfs.