Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open Threads

We're blowin up. For my sake more than yours', here's the list:
  • Gimp - - - Pat's called dibs.
  • Robots & Cyborgs & Exploding Heads - - - Jon's doing this.
  • Face Rip
  • Peen Bot
  • Demon Fart
  • Cube - - - be patient my Fauxmotious sapiens, the next cube "Page" is in in the works. think of it this way, meat is always best when slowly coked over red oak at 250 degrees. till ready.
  • Robot Birth / "Show Him Your Tongue" - - - Hake's got it.
  • PBJ - - - Patrick's on Page 2.

If you want one, speak now or forever hold your peen.

If I've made a mistake, help me out here.


Buster said...

I'm currently working Ghost Hands.

Buster said...

I'm also calling dibs on PBJ.


andrew.hake said...

I unofficially call dibs on the next Robot Birth/"Show me your tongue" page.

jonathan.lane said...

Yo, definitely wait until I've done this preceding page for PBJ, cuz it's going to effect the flow of events directly. i'm also going to add text to the page I already did.


hey, is face ripped taken by anyone?

Cause I got my other page that I was working is finally finished, but I not able to post on here yet,
sorry guys, not a team player on this blog, yet?

but if face rip is taken then I'll do peen bot...

jonathan.lane said...

i'd like to see the peen bot handled, hint hint.

but i have to ask, and not to be rude:

do you proof-read your typing?

it's a forgivable flaw to lack a proper understanding of syntax; most people don't even understand how to use a semi-colon. however i'd like you to notice that every fragment of your run-on sentence is grammatically inaccurate. it's almost incoherent.

language is a tool, a weapon, and a medium from which many fascinating and useful realities can be extrapolated. please do yourself a favor and get this shit in check.


Yeah, you got me there man.

I was typing fast and didn't have time to edit the post, and i was also lazy at the moment. But my message of doing the next page for peen bot did make sense for you, didn't it?

Anyway, the message for me being a terrible speller is heard loud and clear. I'll stop being a douche and start doing everything in LA format for you, Mr. Lane.

Later tomorrow I will have a scan of the finished page on my blog spot for you and the others to see.

jonathan.lane said...

language is something i have almost no mental barrier against. this is residual and i have no way of contesting its permanency. as well as i know, nothing listened to is ever truly forgotten. at best, it's lodged somewhere in the subconscious recess, forever radiating whatever its worth was.

your poorly formed sentences may leave permanent dookie stains in my brain as well as yours. please help what remains of my life to be as mentally poop-free as possible.

Buster said...


Once you get that page up on your blog I'll put it up here.


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Will do Jon, I think the thought of having permanent dookie stains in my brain isn't all too pleasant..

jonathan.lane said...

did you think the thought or has the thought thunk itself [question mark]


totally thunk itself.....?

Moving on, I posted my newest page onto my blog spot. I gave the page to Buster, so should have it up on this blog later today.