Monday, September 22, 2008

PBJ: page one

as promised, a surprise.

if this looks unfamiliar, check the very first post of this blog.

words pending.

i'd also like to make an open request.

i'd like to ask my fellow fauxmos to do me a favor. from henceforth, please be decisively critical regarding my contributions. i trust your perspective, and i know there's room for improvement.


Buster said...

Aw snap. Jelly and PB.


OCL-R said...

motha fucka I KNEW IT!

andrew.hake said...

that is the sexiest looking environment I have ever seen. Is that environment seeing anyone right now? cause, well, if she's not then, point her in my direction.

Jonathan said...

that wasn't decisively critical. :[

OCL-R said...

yo, teach me how to paint sucka'

Buster said...

But seriously, this page literally sucks.

jonathan.lane said...


well i guess there's nothing left but for you to follow up and show me how it's done, patrick.

and ocl: start with brown.

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

yo g, i think it's pretty tight dawg! I WANNA LICK YOUR ASS! haha

andrew.hake said...

on a serious note. how does this work exactly? are you working with a composite of photo textures and painting?

the lighting is phenomenal if this is right off the dome then we may have to bring you down.

I really think that is what really does it for me, the way the lighting is working to really create an atmosphere and depth. That style of environment balances really well with a character drawn in that style.

Jonathan said...

you've got it. various photos; chopped up, pieced together into new arrangements, and then the entire surface is painted over. personally there's still too much of the photo's presence here. it's too obvious.

i think this technique may serve as a fine crutch until i no longer have to rely on photos to achieve the same effect. but i've been using this technique since Butt Bean. Used it on the tree in Zwei also.