Monday, September 29, 2008

PBJ: page zero

i know what you'll think: what in blazes does this have to do with the last PBJ page we saw?

i assure you, it does. the words will ease the flow.

so, here it is and yes, the character from my junior thesis makes a shameless self-indulgent cameo.

as always, words pending.

by the way, we've hit 40 pages, nearly half from this month alone.

p.s. I'm taking the next page to the cyborg exploding head thread.


OCL-R said...

odly enough, I get it. you just have to make sure you read the PBJ intro by patty-cakes. looks sweet, I will hopefully have my Cube page up soon.

Buster said...

There should be more distortion in the last panel, whether it be something more monochromatic, or some glow, or whatever. It's only partially evident what's the haps as is.


jonathan.lane said...

yeah, i ran out of steam last time. i'll bump it up a bit.


Looks awesome man.

Yeah, I think distorting the last frame will help out the transition into the view of the robot.

Are you going to put any kinda of filter or light red color with the distortion? Like in terminator?

Buster said...

No more stealing from James Cameron!

jonathan.lane said...

dude, but James Cameron. He's like the Jesus Christ of movie making. He's like, Jamesus Christeron. He is the origin of all ideas. All ideas are contained to movies. Are there ideas outside of movies? I hope not.

Buster said...

Apparently not outside of James Cameron. Next page I do is some giant space ship that hits an ice asteroid: hundreds die, but a love between to people from different social classes lives forever... even after death.

I'll tie it into the facerip thread somehow.

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

SCANLINES, scanlines...yooouuuu....know it's true!

jonathan.lane said...

al's got it.

i went ahead and fixed it up earlier today, and indeed, scanlines are present.