Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this is the beginning.

it's that time again. time to see... what's goin' on. What's goin' on?

01- cyborg - jon
02- post gimp - ?
03- face rip - ?
04- cube - ?
05- pbj - patrick
06- "yo" - mccarthy?
07- amazon - james
08- demon queef - ...julia?
09- peenbot - S'posedly Sakari?
10- "show him your tongue" - HAKE?!~~~!!~!???

Please help me resolve the question marks. if 06 or 10 be dead in the water, someone let me know, cuz I'll take em.

also plz take note of the sister blogs now thread-dedicated. thx patrix.


jSchlock said...

I was going to take up Amazon.

jSchlock said...

No I want to do amazon

jSchlock said...

Fine you can do amazon if you want to so bad.

jSchlock said...


Sakari said...

Peen bot's the sperm one right? I'm doing that one...


yeah, I'm working on "yo", it slow coming but it's getting closer to being finished.

dtk1029 said...
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