Friday, September 12, 2008

We're so pub(l)ic

Check out the Comicspace page that we now have! Boy-o-boy, we're out there now!

This is also a pretty decent way to display the pages in chronology through the gallery feature. I'll either change the storyline links to this, or to Hake's .mac account, or try to better master the Photobucket. Time will tell.

Who's drawing tonight?


jonathan.lane said...

I'll be drawing... here... in Texas, alone (sob).

I actually started a continuation to the the dude fighting robot snake in city popping like gum over floating girl's face story. should be done tonight. i've also been looking at connecting some of this stuff, so maybe we can start planning that.

jonathan.lane said...

also, i expect the rest of my contributions to be in color. we may want to evaluate what needs to be colored and what should be left mono. i always enjoy a good b&w interlude.

Buster said...

If we continue to approach it (here in KC) with the drawing party format, the coloring probably won't happen until later. We COULD assign particular story lines to each other to color individually, so's to keep each story continuous and consistent.

We'll figure something out.

jonathan.lane said...

sure, sure. maybe it's too early for that just now. i definitely see a few places where we could make some connections between threads already. but whatever, i know its more fun to just let this stuff flow.