Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jelly & PB

A quasi-refined preliminary sketch of (a) character(s) I've been working with.

Jelly is a homeless man who apparently at one time had a friend named PB who was killed in something of a "government conspiracy." PB's consciousness is now located in a cube (or an orb; I'm still debating) that is indefinitely confined to Jelly's hobo-satchel. P.B. speaks only to Jelly, and only through telepathy (directly into Jelly's mind). This leads everyone who confronts Jelly to assume that he is a crazy.

Anyway, here's a drawing (click on it for super-large version):


dtk1029 said...

I think you ready for this jelly lol

OCL-R said...

looks dope! my scanner is crapped out right now, but I'll try and get some stuff up here soon. got me a character, still working on the story.

OCL-R said...

P.S. is it legit to promote this? or wait till we have something more solid?

Buster said...

Do what you feel is right, Osciel.