Thursday, July 24, 2008

More contenders, yet.

Those above are pages 6 & 7 (or 7 & 8) from the first, and most developed of the threads. D-Linc also stepped to the plate in providing the second of the two.

This is page 3 of the 3rd thread.

This one here's a page number one for the beginning of the fourth thread.

More to come soon.

Also, there will eventually be a more organized way to put these forth, hopefully in chronology. Look for it, eventually.


jSchlock said...

Nice goods guys. Lets keep up the good work.

jonathan.lane said...

Downright lovely.

Well, I'm down here in Texass. Yeehaw. They want me to design a Doom monster! I brought my scanner with me, so I'd like to do a new page. IS THAT OKAY WITH YOU GUYZ?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! We should develop a method of communication. irc or aim anyone?! HMM?!??! I need to go get some beer. It's gon' be a lonely night in the derty souf. SHEOOT.