Saturday, September 27, 2008

A KNEW won!

For those who've been complaining about the lack of Jamaican voodoo in this collaborative experiment (you know who you are((n't)) ), you should be more than satisfied with the addition of a new thread via new page by Mizz Sakari:



jonathan.lane said...

ew, cooties

no girls allowed.

jonathan.lane said...

by the way,

sakari, i don't know if you'll end up reading this,

but judging from your minimal application of highlights and shadows, i believe it would behoove you and be of some interest:

in your Brush settings panel (the part of Photoshop that allows you to manipulate and edit your brush),
beneath the 'Other Settings' tab, there is an Opacity Jitter setting. Keep the slider at zero, and turn the controller to 'Fade'. A number will appear next to Fade, allowing you to alter the distance at which the brush stroke fades.

Just a suggestion.

Sakari said...

Cool, I'll give that try. I've been meaning to experiment more with my brush settings...

jonathan.lane said...

it might help, but don't think my suggestion is in response to a failure of the art, on the contrary; its minimal quality is a good feature. the brush edit may compliment that kind of approach.

lately i'm almost incapable of working in photoshop without my own custom brushes.

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

it's looking good Sakari. I'm digging the wild ferocity. wwrrraaaarrr!!!

jSchlock said...

Looks Radical,

This blog could use some more vegetation, and tits.