Thursday, October 2, 2008

Attention, Fake Humans

A little unhappy with the last panel. I was loving it about 3 hours ago when I started on it, then I worked it to death. It's now dead to me.

ALSO: Spot the cameos from past threads.

As per Jon's suggestion, this thread will be handled by having two pages per person. This will act to hopefully develop a slower, less schizophrenic thread. Not that what we've been doing is bad at all, but we're here to XXXperiment, so we may as well.

Also, this thread will be entirely painted.

That all being said, I gots the next page.

And I have a headache.


jonathan.lane said...

i had a splitting headache yesterday. from caffeine withdrawal, most likely. i still have some issues with the character design, i think perhaps he is too much of a coked out bum to be a fully dimensional character, but i'm excited to see how he is interpreted by different people.

i've been thinking a bit about this, but for the beginnings of different threads, are we gonna want title pages? i think we could do some COOL SHIT with that, and it would help denote the beginning and end of major stories. like, think of the Airtight Garage. that had some wickedly awesome title pages.

oh, also, i've been seeing in the distance some splendid interlude ideas between stories, intermission-type 1 or 2 pagers that take you out of the story world and then drop you back into it.

also, someone send me some comic fonts. i'm dying over here.

Buster said...

That font is "Mouth Breather."

Maybe I can IM it to you at some point.

jonathan.lane said...

looks fly by the way,
and as far as the last panel, the body of the synthetic weirdo is the only thing that throws me off. looks like his head is extending from his body in a way, but it is difficult to read.

jonathan.lane said...

this page has not received enough love.

i blame powdered donuts, red socks (not the team, but socks that are red), and mathematics.

is your computer ok?