Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pages GaLORE

I feel like there is an intro necessary, but upon realizing that I'm wrong I'll just get with the goods:

This one page here's an addition to the second oldest thread that we've started. This is the resuscitation of the story that has hence been plagued by what I'll refer to as "the curse of the gimp." Hopefully this piece is deemed worthy of PROactive continuity, because I don't think I'd be able to cope with a burning case of RETroactive CONtinuity, namsayin'?

This is the second page to the fourth thread (courtesy of D-Linc).

A new, SIXTH thread. Myself and J-Lane are to blame for these wholesome abominations:

If you were at all paying attention to the last post, you'd realize that J(masta)Schlock has been putting us all to shame with his persistence and industriousness. That's right, he produced two (awesome) new threads; this is the second page to the first of those:

Yet another possible new thread as well; thus another page one:

Keep your dang eyes peeled for future updates and additional tidbits of irrationality. Eventually, I swear, these will be posed in some sort of cohesive and chronological order.

Until then, we're just a bunch of fauxmos.


jonathan.lane said...

Totally rad.

That second page is the gnarliest. The dog's bollocks, if you will.

DLinc said...

The cube creature is nutz, coffee painting for the win!