Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well here it is..

This page cost me too much frustration for some reason. I got too caught up in it. My Obsession bloomed into resentment. I guess that's what happens when you take things too seriously.

Hope I didn't disappoint anyone.


jonathan.lane said...

it's splendid. creepy too, and in color!

as for the frustration thing, i relate. just a few hours ago i was yelling at no one in particular. ergh.

i'm enjoying this thread though, a lot. i'd like to follow up, but i'll wait and see if anyone else wants to.

Buster said...

I'd like to do it too... But, I'd have no gripes with someone else doing it.

jonathan.lane said...

well if no one else takes it, it's all yours' patrick. i started a new page today for a new thread (sry) and it's a little surprise, so expect a surprise. but don't expect it too much, or it will be less surprising.