Tuesday, October 14, 2008



jonathan.lane said...

well i'll be damned. that's something fresh, al.

my only concern is it looks like the overall dimensions don't match standard page format, but whatev.

good shit.

jonathan.lane said...

i guess i should read the entire post before commenting.

you should squeeze in a bottom frame.

Buster said...

Looks real tight, man.

Still gots to add a bottom panel. I'm standin' firm on this one, mane.

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

"lots of laughter..." thanks, yeah i'll do that. Expect some more soon.

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

a stain...
and not far from an instance of it
a hurdle to get out.
why is it such a universal objective, that is, an unintentional manifestation becomes unwanted because of an unintentional manifestation.
I'm waiting for the bubble to surface. I'm waiting for the derailment of such sought after evils, causing an ultimate reformation of the essence in which we came from.
I'm comfortable with life, to the degree of it's most natural: stained

in the cab:
calibrated can and can't do's
a world vast and extreme in every dynamic of humanity.
Inevitably. Though, with questionable motives, this puss pocket thrives off of disgusting sparkles. Sparkles that are amazing and masterfully unique in their effectiveness and allure.

some one should pick up on this, or something

jonathan.lane said...

finish what you started, fat boy

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

i can't eat anymore... I'll finish the panel for christ's sake. But I wanna start some written dialogue with all you crazed poop salmons

jonathan.lane said...

how so?

Buster said...

Plow sew.

jonathan.lane said...

cultivate stitches?

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

holy shit

Buster said...

Wholly grit.

jonathan.lane said...

divine creation?

man, you guys gotta stop talking in code.

Buster said...

It's fauxde.

There should really be a fauxed word for this blog.

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

a hair, all of every variable
affected. Affected on every progressive landmark
a hierarchical progressivism
a not so progressive hierarchy
a sweet treat on the finger tip of reality
the distant and disguised depravation curling in gestures ever so attracting...
a baritone strum in the depths of your palette subsides your infatuation
follow this.
For that which hinders unconditional submission, is that which promises the closest thing to truth, humanly possible.

isn't the life worth enjoying life?

The life isn't worth enjoying life.

enjoying life isn't worth life.

my peenis is little as shit

jonathan.lane said...

two fans adjacent, blades spinning in opposite directions, oscillate against each other.

the blades connect, cut, and shatter into parts.

the broken parts, still spinning, collide in an opposing volley of debris.

these broken shards, flying, maybe even soaring, collide and snap apart into even smaller parts.

this continues until there's nothing left but a pair of rotating turbines, without a single blade between the two.

the left turbine wants to contest who's to blame for this accident.

the right turbine wants to contest who was victorious in this battle.

the argument goes nowhere, and neither opinion is heard, because nobody listens to turbines. especially if their fans are broken.

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

people relate to one another because they breathe the same air, and thrive off of the same hopeful feeling of guaranteed contentedness.

we choose to validate our existence, which, i'm beginning to think is the most genuine way to go about life. Even though we'll never know anything, we done made it this far, and we're "willing" to accept and pursue anything that makes sense.

Buster said...

Which is why I accept and pursue nothing. Because nothing is about all that makes sense to me in the EARTHZ.


jonathan.lane said...

so, pursuing nothingness.... that must keep you pretty busy.

OCL-R said...

dude!, this is exciting! nice. now I'll never go dry!

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

no, you will go dry.
i mean... i've already gone dry

Thats all i've gotta say

jSchlock said...

All of these comments validate my theory.

The only moments of true clarity arrive after taking a huge dump.

jonathan.lane said...

so wheres the rest of the page??!?!~~`