Thursday, October 23, 2008

Since I imagine it will be some time before this page actually reaches completion, here is a preview of the upper half, sans one panel. I'm gonna add some blush to cheeks on the central panel to further attempt to cuten up the girl. Ooo, girl, yeah.

The process I've been using to do these PBJ pages has been a time killer, but I'm fairly pleased with the results.


Al Prudic-Dennis said...

shit is ill kid! CS4? Or did you draw all that normally. I thought it wuz a dude tho cuz, on the real. Maybe if you just had her naked. so you could see her tits. You know those young little breasts. Those flush healthy firm nipples. You could also emphasize her warm gooey vagina... YYEEAAAHH, show off her pussy dude!

Buster said...

Aside from some of the texturing and a few highlights in the central panel, this was all done before I got CS4. Yeah, I need to find some way to emphasize the femininity perhaps. Or maybe not.


jonathan.lane said...

s'got the megafunq. keep on wichit.