Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm back!

Finally I get these up here. it seems that blogger doesn't like letting me upload things directly from my computer. I had to photobucket these bad boys.


Here they are, pages 5 and 6 of the Cube Thread. It seems that time was just against me, but after a nice fat paycheck from all the hours of walgreens, and after a week of relaxation withe the lady friend, I was finally able to wrap these pages up. I would have been done earlier had I not decided to add a couple of more things.

I hope it looks like I put some hours into these cause I did, but I have now gotten faster at this method of rendering, so that last ad-on portion that I did didn't take as long as the initial parts.

don't know if this makes sense, but most of the pages so far are a little dense in content so I don't feel too out of place.

I promise not to take so long next time, I'm sure everyone is going through some lack-of-time with midterms and all.


introducing the Doc. PHishBowl. the mastermind inside his mind, and thus the true intentions are revealed. Block-Dude never would have known.
Split for your convenience.


Buster said...

Looks tight, mane.

Yeah, a little bit hard to follow, however that's excusable; it looks really, really nice.

And you were talking about how you needed help learning how to digitally paint... pish posh, you've got it down.

jonathan.lane said...

Unfortunately, I can't make sense of it. Maybe you could clarify what's happening?

OCL-R said...

the left page is suppose to be stuff happening inside the monster things head. the one with the hand out of the mouth.

any ideas on how to make that more apparent?

jonathan.lane said...

well, it might help if you indicate it's inside of the mind of the monster. Simply "Inside the Mind" is a bit vague. As for the right page, it's really not clear. I can see what you intended, but I would give better indication of who's saying what with the speech bubbles. It might even help to give a little exposition to explain.

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