Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here is another page lost in the oblivion that is my mind
emolicious cuz


jonathan.lane said...

a leetle vague, but i got it now.

i think the only thing confusing about it is how different of a circumstance she's in contrast to the last page you did. for a moment i thought that the dude had broken apart to become a girl.

the wiener in the first frame is gross.

jonathan.lane said...


i've been looking at the first frame for a while.

at first all i could see was the splooging wiener.

now i'm definitely seeing a tank firing a shell.

Buster said...

Liquid sects.

jSchlock said...


I know this one is pushing the continuity buttons.

the idea is: the original machine fusing with the organic flesh of the characters creating something new...

jonathan.lane said...

well, the idea's great, but

i don't think its articulated in the drawings.

i'm going to work with what we can see here. hopefully i'll have something by the end of the week.

jSchlock said...